Be a Know-It-All

What's The Know?

The Know is a revolutionary dating intelligence app that lets you track the dating activity, hookups and relationship status of others. We're about getting people the information they need to make smarter decisions about their current and future relationships. Wanna know how it works? Check out our brief demo:

What's a Know-It-All?

Our College Ambassadors a.k.a. "Know-It-Alls" are a true extension of our brand on campus. They're rockstars—an elite and well-connected group of advocates that are passionate about The Know's mission and helping their fellow students date smarter. In short, they're revolutionaries that are fed up with today's dating paradigm and energized to disrupt the incumbent ecosystem. OMG, that last sentence was such clichéd Silicon Valley jargon, it makes us wanna vomit—and yet, it's true.

What does a Know-It-All do?

It's simple: their mission is to get as many students to install The Know app as possible.

Whether it's via social media, word-of-mouth or other grassroots means, they're responsible for finding the most radical ways to get their peers to download The Know and start dating smarter. Our Know-It-Alls can expect to get a bunch of guidance from The Know HQ. We'll even send them some cheeky flyers if they want to canvas their campus.

So...what's in it for the Know-It-All?

Let's cut to the chase. For each person on the Know-It-All's campus that installs The Know app and creates a (free) account, the Know-It-All will receive $0.50. But wait...there's more! At the end of the term, they'll also get one (1) of the bonus items listed below for whichever signup milestone they reach.

As an example:

If 2000 people sign up for The Know from Noel the Know-It-All's university, she'll get $1000 + a self-balancing Hoverboard!

Here's the other cool stuff you can get:
App Signups       Bonus
25 $10 Starbucks Gift Card
50 The Know Swag Pack
100 $50 Gift Card
200 $75 Gift Card
300 $100 Gift Card
400 FitBit® Charge
500 Amazon Echo or GoPro Hero
600 Beats™ Studio Headphones
700 $250 Gift Card
800 $275 SpaFinder Gift Card
900 Apple Watch Sport 38mm
1000 PS4 or Xbox One
1500 iPad Mini 4
2000 Hoverboard
5000 55" Sony or Samsung LED TV

We must emphasize that Know-It-Alls are compensated from any download and subsequent signup that occurs on their campus during the term of the gig. That is, even if one of their peers organically discovers The Know and signs up, the Know-It-All still gets credit. Pretty sweet, right?

Awesome thus far! How long does the term last? 

Know-It-All Campus Ambassador terms last 3-4 weeks. We work with the K.I.A. to define the exact term prior to start. 


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