5 Features That Would Make Tinder Even More !$*%ing Awesome

Hate it or love it, the people have spoken and Tinder is cool—so cool that over 10 million users log in daily and swipe more 1.4 billion times. So cool that Hillary Duff, Katy Perry, and Lindsay Lohan are said to have verified accounts. So cool that Tinder's parent company Match Group (MTCH) recently IPO'd on the heels of the app's success. 

That said, as cool as Tinder is, it could be much cooler. Here are 5 features that will that would boost its badassness to epic levels:

  1. Search Refinements. Give users more control over who they see in their Tinder stream. I’m not saying that users should be able to curate their entire experience as that would completely take away from Tinder’s magic. However, my preferences for race, hair color, height and any other salient attributes should factor into what Tinderers I’m presented. 

  2. Popularity Metrics. How popular am I? I want to know how many times my profile was seen, what percentage of people swiped right, the average amount of time people spent viewing my profile—and of course, how that compares to other people in my locale. 

  3. Pick My Pic. Hell, I don’t know what photo to use for my main profile image. There should be an option for Tinder to test out all my photos and then display most often whichever gets the most engagement (swipes).

  4. Statuses. Statuses are cool. Everyone's doing it. Why not Tinder? Let people broadcast what they’re up to, what they’re thinking, what they’re feeling. It becomes fodder for conversation ice breakers.

  5. Profile Suppression. Suppose I don’t want people I know to see me on Tinder. There should be a setting to hide my profile from my 1st or 2nd degree Facebook connections. 

That’s our two cents. Regardless of whether they're implemented, we don’t see anyone displacing this behemoth anytime soon.