How it works

The Know is an anonymous social network that privately connects people who are involved with or interested in the same person. Our mission is to create a safe community for the exchange of important information that will help people date smarter and avoid the wrong relationships, wasted time and emotional thrashing.

1. Describe your partner

Tell us about your current partner or love interest. It takes less than 60 seconds.

2. See if they match another user's

Find out if you're seeing or pursuing the same person. We'll help you figure it out.

3. Chat to gain valuable intel

If there is a match, chat with the other the know user to get the inside scoop!


Use the app incognito. The only thing anyone sees is your username—and you can hide that too if you want.
Smart Search.
Use as few or as many as 20 different data points to search for someone and see their dating/relationship activity.
Set it and forget it. We’ll keep tabs on your partner or love interest and notify you if anyone else claims them.
Chat 1-on-1 with other users to confirm your partner's activity.